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Alabama residents who are currently un-banked or underbanked due to a negative report on ChexSystems or Early Warning Services do have help available through local banks and credit unions offering second chance checking in Alabama. These banks and credit unions are offering 100% insured checking accounts with check writing privileges as well as ATM/debit cards with little or no restrictions. We provide a free Alabama banks list to help these consumers get the checking account they need and start the process of rebuilding their financial foundation and start having a better quality of life.

While these financial institutions have been reported to offer second chance banking Alabama, we can not make any guarantees or promises that your application will be approved. Your ability to open an second chance checking Alabama banks is based solely upon your ability to meet the needs set forth by the banks, your current ChexSystems and/or EWS report, the banks current business needs and other factors and considerations that we have no control or over.


100% Guaranteed Checking Opportunities in Alabama
While most people do not want to think about a prepaid debit card or feel that they are beneath them in some way or another, prepaid debit cards are affordable options for people who need a temporary option or are looking for a solid banking alternative. Also, prepaid cards are the only options available for those who have a history or suspicion of fraud until their reports are cleared. Prepaid debit cards are an excellent way to manage your money while your without a checking account and some prepaid cards offer better deals and more affordable fees than some of the prime banks. Compare Account Now (highly recommended) with fees at banks such as Bank of America or 5th 3rd. Take a look at some of the benefits and features of Account Now below:

$0 Monthly Fee
No Minimum Balance Requirements
No Credit Check.
No ChexSystems or Early Warning Services checks
No Overdraft Fee.
Free† Direct Deposit
Free Online Bill Payment
FDIC Insured – Your money is backed by the Federal Gov’t just like local banks and credit unions
100% Approval Guaranteed (subject to I.D. Verification)
Use it everywhere Visa Debit Card accepted
Now with Purchase Rewards
Perfect for Occasional Usage
Apply Now

Get 100% Guaranteed Approval Account Now – Regain Control of Your Financial Future

Second Chance Checking Alabama Banks – Not Guaranteed

The Alabama banks listed below have verified second chance checking accounts available for consumers with a negative banking history. We do not make any promises or guarantees that the bank is still offering second chance checking or has started using ChexSystems or Early Warning Services and recommend that you call to verify the opportunity is still available.

Family Security Credit Union Gimme A Break Checking
Park Community Federal Credit Union Fresh Start Checking
Wells Fargo Opportunity Package
WoodForest Bank Second Chance Checking

If you know of other banks offering second chance banking or if one of the Alabama banks on our list are no longer offering second chance accounts, please contact us here and let us know. Notifying us will help keep our site updated with only the most relevant banks and credit unions as well as help your fellow consumers in Alabama.